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A MILLION-DINAR QUESTION: Can Cash Transfers Drive Economic Recovery in Conflict-Driven Crises?

Over the past twenty years, the use of cash transfers in development and humanitarian interventions has experienced exponential growth. Both evidence and ethics have contributed to its rise. Extensive research has demonstrated how cash transfers can serve as critical lifelines in both acute humanitarian emergencies and more stable development contexts, whilst also providing recipients with […]


Join Our Team: Staff Accountant (Denver)

Position: Staff Accountant Deadline to Apply: May 30, 2021 (11:55p MDT) Start Date: June 2021, Full-time Location:  Denver, Colorado Salary Range:  $50,000-$65,000   Description: Causal Design is seeking a Staff Accountant to undertake all aspects of financial management, including corporate accounting, financial reporting, budget and forecasts preparation, as well as oversight of internal control policies and procedures. […]

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Causal Design Business Development Internship

Position: Business Development Intern Deadline to Apply: May 10, 2021 (11:55p EDT) Applicable Term: Summer 2021 (May – September 2021; dates flexible), Full-Time Stipend: $1,000 per month Location: Denver, Colorado Description: Causal Design is seeking candidates for the upcoming summer to assist with support for its Denver Office. The Business Development Intern can expect to […]

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Causal Design Summer Fellow

Deadline to Apply: March 17, 2021 (11:55p EDT) Applicable Term: Summer 2021 (May – August 2021) Stipend: $500 per month Location: Remote Description: Causal Design is seeking candidates for the upcoming summer to assist with support for its Phnom Penh Cambodia office. Summer Fellows can expect to work closely with Causal Design staff to deliver […]

New USAID Policy on Cost-Analysis in Impact Evaluations

USAID released a revised version of its policy on designing and implementing development projects and activities, governed by ADS Chapter 201. This is one of the largest revisions of the ADS in recent years and it includes some significant changes to the way USAID plans to operate its Program Cycle. One single sentence, in particular, stood out to us: All impact evaluations must include a cost-analysis of the intervention or interventions being studied (ADS Economist Kristen Schubert discusses the changes, implications, and challenges for implementing partners…

Can Cash Transfers Drive Economic Recovery in Conflict-driven Crises?: Experimental Evidence from Iraq – Cash Consortium for Iraq

Armed conflict and other situations of violence can lead to changes in both the formal and informal economic systems in any given country or region. These changes often create what scholars call a “war economy.” In the short term, the consequences of conflict include human casualties and the physical destruction of assets and infrastructure. In […]

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Doing Business on the Navajo Nation: A Comprehensive Look at the Business Environment on the Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation Context The Navajo Nation is sovereign territory with over 250,000 Navajo people occupying 27,000 square miles of the Colorado Plateau—spanning the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Driving through Diné Bikéyah, or Navajoland, you will see stunning southwestern landscapes rich with a cultural history sacred to the Diné people. What you […]

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Inflection Point: COVID-19, State and Society

COVID-19 is proving calamitous, with over 250,000 deaths globally, including 70,000 deaths within the United States, and 50,000 across the continent of Africa. Its economic impact is in the never-before-seen realm, and uncertainty, even amid talk of ‘opening up,’ is growing, as new hot spots emerge and as everything from schools to professional sports contemplate next-steps.

Among the outcomes up in the air? State-society relations, everywhere, with long-term, potentially generational implications for the trajectory of post-pandemic health, development and prosperity.

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The Political Economy of COVID-19: 3 steps to guide the response of development actors

There is little about COVID-19 that is clear right now. It has torn through countries, though at varying rates. Death rates have varied, and as time has passed, initial assumptions about who is affected have been shredded, as even young, healthy people have succumbed to the disease. The uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has been a challenge for everyone, whether a small business owner or public policy expert.

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COVID-19’s Global Impact: Exploring Possible Scenarios

As we all grapple with the immediate impacts of the COVID-19 virus on our lives and the lives of those in our families and communities, it can be difficult to zoom out and think about the possible impacts beyond our town, city, and/or nation. It is nearly impossible to wrap our heads around the uncertainties the pandemic has presented for our own future, much less the future of 7 billion others.