Because we fervently hope for a world free of poverty and the human suffering it exacerbates. Economic development is an experimental field, with no consensus on what the solution might be. Meanwhile, humanitarians around the globe dedicate time, money, and health in efforts to address this injustice. It is our belief that economic development and humanitarian interventions should be based on evidence – and the best knowledge available at the time.

“Causal Design is committed to creating a culture of evidence and impact within organizations working for social change.”


While the global community searches for scalable solutions, development research should be Affordable, Accessible, and Practical for implementing organizations. We like the five Ws that organize our website, but Rudyard Kipling would suggest one also ask “How?”

“Causal Design accomplishes this by partnering with clients to identify program logic, operationalize evaluation systems, and empower their teams to innovate services to maximize benefits to the communities they serve.”