In early 2014, Mercy Corps partnered with BPI Globe BanKO, a branch-less mobile bank, to open savings accounts and deliver unconditional cash transfers (UCTs) of PhP 3,950 (approximately 88 USD) to over 25,000 households severely impacted by typhoon Haiyan. The transfers were scheduled for disbursement in three payments, PhP 2000, 1200, and finally 750 (approximately 45, 27, and 16 USD, respectively), between June and September 2014. The program utilized a completely mobile platform to deposit secure cash transfers to savings accounts provided to all beneficiaries. In addition to the UCT, participants received a brief one hour overview of financial literacy principles through a local consulting company, the Microfinance Innovation Center for Resources and Alternatives (MICRA).  For a specific subset of beneficiaries, Mercy Corps aimed to add to the initial financial literacy overview by providing targeted voice messages consisting of further financial information and promotion of savings behavior.

Causal Design was engaged to design a randomized trial to investigate the marginal impacts of Mercy Corps different implementation models. Deliverables for this project included a baseline report, pre-analysis plan, endline survey tool, and final impact evaluation report. We also provided enumerator training, support, and supervision.

Policy Brief (4 Pages)

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Full Report (40 Pages)
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Baseline Reporttangko bl thumb

Pre-Analysis PlanPre-Analysis Plan

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