Funded by USAID/Myanmar’s Office of Conflict Management & Mitigation, Mercy Corps’ Inclusive Natural Resource Management (INRM) Program strengthened constructive engagement, conflict management, and dispute resolution skills of key government and civil leaders to work across lines of existing division to resolve natural resource based conflict in their communities.

INRM thumb

Causal Design partnered with Mercy Corps Myanmar to conduct a final evaluation of their program’s performance. Our objective was to compare the project’s deliverables it to it’s original intent, and capture progress made relative to objectives and targets. The evaluation also measured changes in constructive engagement and dispute resolution activity among participants. A mixed-methods approach was utilized that leveraged existing quantitative data, previously collected by Mercy Corps, and qualitative tools developed and administered by Causal Design.

Photo By: Mackenzie McGrath

Community Forestry Project; Shin State, Myanmar

Photo By: Mackenzie McGrath 2015



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