1. Summary

Causal Design is an economic consulting firm conducting rigorous program evaluations and analysis for international development organizations. Our evaluations are designed to provide timely and practical information to decision makers working to end poverty and inequality. 

We are looking for an entry to junior level economic/researcher to join our team. While we work collaboratively on all our projects, the economist/researcher will be expected to work collaboratively under the guidance of Causal Design senior staff to meet the needs of our NGO partners (based domestically and in the field).

The applicant should have a strong interest in at least one, and conversant in the application of the following evaluation tools: econometric methods for Impact Evaluation, Cost Benefit Analysis, Cost Effectiveness Analysis, Growth Diagnostics, Program Evaluation, and M&E systems more generally. Evaluators whose skillsets are principally qualitative are encouraged to apply if they have experience collaborating on economic studies, impact evaluations, or are really enthusiastic about partnering with “quants” to add context and nuance to studies.

The position is expected to participate in all aspects of our business, but the primary role is to support Causal Design’s current portfolio of international development program research and evaluation work.

2. Responsibilities

This position will be expected to engage in the following types of tasks: 

  • Evaluation Design
    • Collaborate with our clients to design rigorous and practical impact evaluations
    • Craft quantitative survey tools for evaluations
    • Draft econometric analysis plans, including describing and justifying the methods used to explore data
  • Research & Project Management
    • Utilize data, previous academic literature, and the client’s program documents to create narratives for evaluation reports
    • Conduct literature reviews for current or proposed projects
    • Assist with project proposals, grant applications, or concept notes for future projects
    • Train enumerators and program surveys in Open Data Kit 
    • Manage research assistants assigned to the project
  • Data Work
    • Merge datasets, clean constructed datasets, produce summary statistics, conduct difference in means tests, and store all accompanying files in an organized manner
    • Use appropriate econometric tools to estimate program impacts
    • Make tables, charts, and graphs to help visualize analysis for reports to clients and the general public
  • Writing
    • Author impact evaluation reports
    • Contribute in internal peer review of papers written by other staff members
  • Everything Else
    • We are a small firm. Our team members are also IT support, intentional networkers, trainers, project managers, and prolific Google-ers

3. Qualifications

Individuals with a combination of the following qualifications will be considered:

  • Advanced Degree in Public Policy, Economics, Statistics, or other related area;
    • Econ/Researcher 1 Level: Masters Degree or BA/BS with 2+ years experience
    • Research Analyst Level: BA/BS in relevant field of study
  • Demonstrable experience or familiarity with evaluation methods and data collection. Some examples include:
    • Qualitative: Application of qualitative methodologies to key informant and/or focus group data collection
    • Quantitative: Statistical analysis of datasets utilizing software packages such as STATA, R, or SPSS
    • Survey Tool Management: Design and development of surveys on digital platforms
  • Project Management:
    • Experience or background in implementing economic or international development research
    • Experience in implementing aspects of monitoring and evaluations processes for development projects

4. Additional Considerations

While the position would aim to fill an entry to junior level staff role, a range of professional experiences would be highly recommended and given special consideration. This includes:

  • Any international/overseas professional or volunteer experience
  • Fluency in foreign language (Reading and Writing) 
  • Experience in a role as a consultant 
  • Experience volunteering/working in the field with an NGO/implementor

5. Our Team

We are a small firm with an ambitious vision. Our team is passionate about innovating practical evaluation strategies and providing phenomenal support to our clients working to end poverty. You should be excited about being client facing. Our goal is to support implementers – not just do research. We strongly prefer researchers who have a background or experience in implementing projects, so the more you understand and empathize with the challenges of their work the better.

Each member of our team has something they are passionate about professionally. For some of us it’s statistics, others a sector like WASH or the Environment; maybe you really love data collection technologies! We want you to bring that enthusiasm and specialized knowledge to our team. At the same time, our team members are expected to be curious and multidisciplinary. Our clients work in every sector and geography where poverty exists – you should be prepared to as well. 

We are looking for something who is ready to invest and build. Our team is growing and our firm is maturing. We ask everyone to help us make it a better place to work, and the company a better partner to our clients. If we do something for the first time we’ll ask you to create a process or system – so it is that much easier for the next person.

6. Contract

This is a full-time exempt position as an employee of Causal Design, Inc. Salary will be commensurate with experience. For reference, a Research Analyst without experience after their BA/BS degree would start at $40,000.

To apply: Email your CV to Jobs@CausalDesign.com with “Economist_Researcher Fall 2019” in the subject line. Please do not include a cover letter. However, feel free to include any motivations for applying or other relevant information in the body of the email. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; only qualified applicants will be contacted by a hiring manager.

Questions? Email Jobs@CausalDesign.com